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February 14th 2018
i) Added: Luke Fisher's sculpture of the engineer suit
ii) Added: Matte painting of planetary landscape and dome by Valentin Petrov

February 12th 2018

i) Added: Alien: Prototype jacket for Dallas 
ii) Added: Alien: Portable air lock box
iii) Added: Alien: Dallas' space suit boots
iv) Added: Alien: Chestbursting scene references Tintin and the Picaros

February 11th 2018

i) Re-edited Guillermo Del Toro & Lovecraft's influence on Alien

February 6th 2018

i) Added: Alien V/ "Red Harvest" : Carlos Huante's concept art for alien drones. (I keep calling it Alien Harvest because of the Alien novel by that name, and perhaps I wont be able to stop.) Very thankful to Carlos Huante for sharing his images/
ii) Added another photo of the Shaw corpse and information based on an Odd Studios posting on the page for the Alien Covenant : Elizabeth Shaw corpse. Very thankful to Odd Studios for sharing the image.

January 2018

January 30th 2018
i) Added: HR Giger's Necronom I references "Portrait of Picasso" by Salvador Dali (1947)?
ii) Tidied up Updates-2015 to 2018 putting the record of the months of 2017 into separate sections 
iii) Added: HR Giger's Alien beast Stage III head references Portrait of Picasso by Salvador Dali
iv) Made a page for 'Portrait of Picasso' by Salvador Dali

January 28th 2018
i) Added: The "Via The Temptation of St Anthony" trail
ii) Added: Alien Covenant : Elizabeth Shaw corpse

January 27th 2018
i) Added: HR Giger's Chiquita (work 190) (1972) which seems to have something do with the Chiquita bananas

January 25th 2018
i) Added index page for John Hatt who was a member of the special effects team for Alien and Aliens

January 22nds 2018
i) Added Erotomechanics VIII, work 423 (1979) by HR Giger references Illustration puzzle from Christmas 1974 Radio Times for "I've cracked it" featuring trains

January 21st 2018
i) Added: Alien 3: Ox "bambi burster" head
ii) Added: Aliens: Full sized Alien Queens arms props 
iii) Added: Alien 3: ¼ scale three-piece production casting of the Alien
iv) Added: Alien 3: Prisoner costume
v) Added: Alien 3: Alien creature reference model
vi) Added: Alien 3: Pair of mummies
vii) Added: Aliens: Early Gateway station artwork
viii) Added: Aliens: Xenomorph Egg
ix) Added: Aliens: off-world colony and atmospheric processor exterior by Steve Begg
x) Added: Aliens: Gateway Station matte painting
xi) Added: Alien: Resurrection - Auriga Crew Costume
xii) Added: Aliens: Alien queen leg prop
xiii) Added: Alien 3: Baby alien queen prop
xix) Added: Alien Resurrection: Alien: Resurrection: Alien Newborn skull and skin face casting hard copy (original production material)
xx) Added: Alien 3: Xenomorph Dogburster Head cast original production material
xxi) Added: Alien 3, ADI Alien 3 Rod Puppet Maquette original production material
xxii) Added: Alien 3: Dog Burster Paint Reference Prototype Head original production material
xxiii) Added: Alien 3 Blueprints
xxiv) Added: Alien 3: Bambi Dogburster hero animatronic puppet original movie prop
xxv) Added: Clive Barker and Alien although there isn't much to say there.
xxvi) Added: Alien Resurrection: Sylvain Despretz sticks to his guns

January 18th 2018
i) Continued to work on: Giger's work on Alien 3. It's a mad tangle of things and I'm probably unsure about what I'm writing there anyway since the article is based on different sides of a matter that might as well have as much solidity as wet paper maché with Giger in the past straining to wonder what was going on and Gillis and Woodruff attempting to explain their side of it with perhaps their tongues tide on various things in the past and too much happening for them to comprehend going on in the studios, but I'm thankful that Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis are happy to talk and paint a picture of their side of this situation that took place, and that the interview with Jaime Praeter in Perfect Organism #75 provided us with a few insights more to this past battle ground. Of course, there still seems to be nothing from David Fincher about what went on.

January 14th 2018
i) Added: Alien Covenant: Mouth burster sack
ii) Added: Concept art for Jodorowsky's Dune showing Duke Leto attempting to poison Baron Harkonnen along with the question about whether it referenced the Henu Barque.
iii) Added: Giger's national park references Concept art for Jodorowsky's Dune
iv) Added: "Jodorowsky vu par Moebius" by Moebius (1999) and this explores it's relationship with the Henu Barque 

January 1st 2018
i)Updated the Alien Production Timeline August 1978 with information from schedule sheets posted on Charles Lippincott's Facebook page


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